Consulting & Advising

Jodi consults on empathy and leadership, bioethics, and AI ethics, for companies, governmental bodies and NGO’s.  Selected examples include the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Kaiser, Intel, Salesforce and Airbnb.

Halpern co-founded the Kavli Center for Ethics, Science and the Public in 2022.  She is faculty director and co-founder of the Berkely Group on the Ethics and Regulation of Innovative Technologies.  She led UC Berkeley’s Covid-19 Public Health Resilience and Mental Health Initiative, served on the Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board of the Innovative Genomics (Doudna) Institute, and directed the Advisory Board for the UC Institute of Personality and Social Research.

Jodi has served as content advisor for numerous projects utilizing her model of empathic curiosity to reduce conflict, address DEI and increase belonging.  This includes advising the city of Los Angeles on the Covid memorial project, and contributing content and guidance to The Empathy Project and the AMA Education Module on Empathy. Halpern advises on the impact of digital technologies on cognition and emotional well-being and mental health, including for the Institute for Security and Technology.

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