Past Speaking Engagements


World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

  • When Your Doctor is a Robot
  • Robot Caregivers

Digital Life Design, Munich, Germany

  • Why High-Tech Innovation Needs a Higher (Global) Ground


World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

  • Briefing on Germline Gene Editing with Victor Dzau, President of National Academy of Science and Medicine (YouTube)
  • Promise and Progress of Bioengineering
  • Future of Bio-Innovation: How to Evolve Governance
  • What If Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth?
  • World in Transformation: Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Global Future Council: Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Emerging Biothreats: Envisioning a Universal Platform to Prevent Illicit Gene Synthesis

Royal Society of Medicine, London

New Research Paradigm for Empathy

Pi Capital

Ethics for Innovative Technology: AI and Gene Editing


Ethical Paradigm Shift for Innovative Technology


Ethics Guardrails for the Digital World


Trust: The Missing Ingredient in Healthcare


World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

  • The Future of Consciousness with Yuval Hararri and Daniel Dennet (YouTube)
  • Empathic Curiosity in the Workplace
  • Empathy and Emerging Technologies

Herrenhausen Conference, Hannover, Germany

  • Innovative Neuroscience and Ethics

Chan-Zuckerberg Forum on Germline Gene Editing

  • With co-panelists Jennifer Doudna and Matthew Porteus

Annual Meeting for Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIMR), San Diego

  • Hope and Hype in Research Decision-Making


World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Dalian, China

  • Working with Robots
  • The Benefits of a Curious Mind: Enhancing Empathy
  • Human-Centered High-Tech: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Future of Medicine Conference, Denver

  • New Research and Challenges to Empathy in Healthcare

American Medical Women’s Association

  • Crises, Conflicts and the Power of Empathic Curiosity

Philosophy Talk, National Public Radio (NPR)

  • The Limits of Medical Consent


Catholic Healthcare Annual Ethics Symposium, Keynote Speaker

  • Empathic Healthcare in a Changing Political Climate

Personalized Medicine World Conference, Mountain View, California

  • Innovative Ethical Approaches to Personalized Medicine

SOCAP (Social Capital), San Francisco, California

  • When ROI is in Lives and Health: Ethical Quandaries

International Society for Emotions

  • Developing a New Research Agenda for Empathy

2013 and earlier

Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Rethinking Empathy in light of Empirical Research

Singularity University, Mountain View, California

  • Novel Psychiatry, Nanoscience and the Self

The Hillside Club, Berkeley, California

  • Why the Public Needs Empathic Doctors

Collaborative Ethics Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles

  • Cultivating Empathy—An Ethical Imperative” and “How Can Clinical Conflicts Become Therapeutic Opportunities?

Annual Kaiser Permanente Ethics Symposium

  • Advanced Ethics Seminar and Expert Panel

National Project on Empathy and Virtue, University of Indiana, Bloomington

  • Empathy and Social Reconciliation in the Aftermath of War

Emory University Center for Bioethics and Georgia Healthcare Consortium Annual Conference

  • Empathy, Barriers to Communication and Emotional Challenges

Annual Ethics Conference, Kaiser of Northern California

  • Conflict, Anger and Difficult Emotions in Clinical Encounters

University of Oslo Center for Medical Ethics, Norway

  • Barriers to Clinical Empathy

Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley

  • Human Rights and Research, from Tuskegee to Guatemala (with Susan Reverby and Eric Stover)

Global Health Leadership Network, San Francisco, California

  • Moral Dilemmas for International Leaders

University of Chicago

  • How the Social Brain Experiences Empathy (with Jean Decety, Frans De Waal, Allan Young, Sue Carter, Nancy Eisenberg)

Johns Hopkins University

  • Brinn Endowed Lecturer in Oncology

University of Miami

  • Endowed Lectures in Philosophy and Medicine

Delft, Holland

  • Emotions and Risky Technologies

Leiden, Holland

  • Affective Forecasting, Risk and Health Policy Decisions

NIH-Georgetown Joint Bioethics Symposium, Washington D.C. 2008

  • Emotions and Health Decisions

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